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Asus ROG GL552VW and Linux

января 27, 2016 17:57 , by Bráulio Bhavamitra - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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After two times disappointed, again I tried Asus again for a new laptop and got some issues right in the beggining, and worse, the problems are there for several years, so it is nothing new....

I'm using ArchLinux here. Initially with Linux 4.4.0 it messed with the fan control so the CPU fan remained at 25000 RPM. Downgrading to 4.3.3 fixed that.

Also with Linux 4.4.0 the boot option "intel_idle.max_cstate=1" is needed.

Then I had problems to use the keys to increase/decrease the backlight. That is fixed with the boot options "acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=native".

And finally, for suspend/resuming without killing the touchpad, you're going to need http://askubuntu.com/a/53375/109777.

Asus could really do better :P

Update: everything works with kernel 4.4.1 and option "intel_idle.max_cstate=7" (see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109081)


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