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Managing and adding members to an enterprise

If you are an enterprise administrator, you can add or remove members from enterprise and also define which permissions each member will have

How to access

  1. Find you user menu on top bar: Top menu
  2. In user menu, click on Control Panel Control panel on menu
  3. Then, click on “Manage my groups”: Manage groups in control panel
  4. You will see the list of groups (communities/enterprises) that you are a member. The groups that you can manage are listed with a link “Manage”. Assuming that you are administrator of an enterprise", click on “Manage” link. Groups list with permission to manage enterprise


  1. In enterprise’s control panel, click on “Manage members”
    Control panel with manage members
  2. You will see the list of people who are members of the enterprise and some buttons that will be explained in parts: Members list of enterprise on manage members
    1. Edit user role: Choose the role the member will have in the enterprise. Each role is associated to some permissions. Changing role of an enterprise member
    2. Remove user: Clicking on the button, the user will be removed from the enterprise.
    3. Add members: You will see a screen to add new members to the enterprise. The members you add will have administrator role by default, with all permissions.
      1. Type in search field the name of the user system you want to add to the enterprise. The table in the left side (“Users”) will display the search results.
      2. Click on “+” button to add the user. After clicking the button, the table on the right side (“Current members”) will be updated with the new member.
        Add member on manage member

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