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Pros and Cons of Living in PORTLAND

2 de Março de 2021, 3:26 , por Bary Yandex - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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What do you know about Portland? Probably, you have heard it is known for being weird. But is there something else? We have prepared a small list of benefits and drawbacks of the city for you to know Portland better. Check it down below!

Pros of living in Portland

1. Portland is an environmentally sound city

Portland is one of the greenest cities across the country. There are more than 250 parks and other green places to take a walk and enjoy nature. Eco-friendliness is a must-have quality for every citizen, and recycling is just a common sense.

2. Unique neighborhoods

Portland is divided into 5 residential districts – North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Landscapes, home styles, availability of public transportation, cultural aspects, the amount of wine shops, etc. – everything differs in each neighborhood. Therefore, if you are a coffee lover or like spending evenings in cozy cafes, the Northwest will suit you the best. On the other hand, if you are looking for more funky, hipster vibes, choose the Southeast. Everybody can find a place for their taste!

3. Diversity of landscapes

Portland is a unique place regarding the nature. Just visit different parts of the city or take a trip outside Portland, and you can see mountains, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and even a desert. All of these is just gathered around one place!

4. Alternative kinds of transportation

About 10% of locals goes around by bike only. And this makes Portland one of the cities with the biggest number of bike commuters across the country. Besides, being bike-friendly helps a lot in preventing pollution and promoting environmental awareness.

Cons of living in Portland

1. Prices for real estate

Buying a house is not an easy task in Portland. Prices are constantly rising. And if just a decade ago you could buy a house for $150,000 only, now you would not find such a price.

2. Living expenses

Portland is the city with one of the most expensive utilities in the USA. Water and electricity cost $200 a month at minimum. And this is in case you are trying to live really cheap.

Rent, as well as housing prices, raises annually. Renting a good apartment may cost you the same sum as renting a modest house.

3. There is no air conditioning at all!

There are almost no houses or apartments with built-in AC systems. Most people have to purchase or rent portable heating/cooling units to make it through. Find the best Portland movers near you.

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