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The Best Telemedicine Apps of 2020

December 9, 2020 13:36 , par Bary Yandex - 0Pas de commentaire | No one following this article yet.
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Do you need to visit a doctor but can’t buy enough time, or are you far away from reach? Telemedicine is the actual service you are looking for. When digital means meets medical care, it's Telemedicine.

Here, we have listed the best Telemedicine apps you can use to diagnose non-emergency medical conditions.

1.    MDLIVE

iPhone rating: 4.7 stars 

Android rating: 4.7 stars

Cost: Free

Medical staff practicing in MDLIVE for over 15 years makes them one of the medicine department's top-class handlers. The medical staffs are available 24/7 via text or video chat. You can have your routine medical checkup and consultation on basic health issues like skin disease, allergies, and acute conditions. Moreover, you can get a prescription accordingly from expertise.

The app is available to download on iPhone and Android phones for free. The in-app cost is estimated to be $0-$82 per visit depending upon the insurance.  

2.    Doctor on Demand

iPhone rating: 4.9 stars 

Android rating: 4.9 stars

Cost: Free

Doctor on Demand has a great service; you can get instant doctor availability all around 24/7. The service is available with both insurance and non-insurance plans. The health professionals are available for basic health care advice; provide assistance, and advise urgent care over the web. Doctor on Demand keeps expertise in therapy, child health care, and other behavioral health. The best thing about the app is that a patient can mark a doctor as a favorite for the next visit. 

The service is available on multiple platforms, be it smartphones like Android, iPhone, internet, or telephone. The in-app cost is estimated to be $75 per visit depending upon the insurance.  

3.    Amwell

iPhone rating: 4.9 stars 

Android rating: 4.6 stars

Cost: Free

Amwell puts the best idea behind Telemedicine and develops the best medical care experience, particularly as a primary doctor. It allows you to contact the most experienced experts on your fingertip 24/7. In Amwell, most virtual doctors' visits are nearly for 10 minutes while you get accurate diagnoses and recommendations.

You can have your online appointment via phone, video chat over iOS and Android devices. The 10-minute appointment won’t charge you a penny, but an actual visit costs you $75 concerning the insurance plan.

4.    Lemonaid

iPhone rating: 4.9 stars 

Android rating: 4.5 stars

Cost: Free

Lemonaid is designed to be a simple, fast, reliable, and smarter healthcare service over the internet. It’s one of the popular Telemedicine services having access to eight clinical areas for appointment and diagnosis.

The service of Lemonaid can be basically categorized into three categories; online appointment and consultation with expertise, lab test, and prescription and recommendation. The application is user-friendly and simple to navigate. The application is nothing fancy, but it's quite straightforward and highly appreciated by the customers.

The app is available for free to use on both Android and iOS. The estimated visit charge is between $25-$50, depending upon the condition being diagnosed.

Which app should you choose? We can address no particular choice as every application we have mentioned is good on its own. Ultimately, the app you feel comfortable with and diagnose your health condition properly is what matters.

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