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How To Prepare Homemade Cleansing Cream

11 de Outubro de 2019, 5:06 , por Your Health - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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How to prepare homemade cleansing cream

It is very important to take care of your skin to maintain the proper healthy skin and glowing as well. There are numerous cosmetics products are available in the market which ensures to make their skin clean and healthy, but these cosmetic products are very expensive and also not so effective. Here in this article will tell you some of the most effective recipes to make your skin healthy and glowing as well and also gives you proper moisture to the skin. Here are some homemade cleansing creams which helps you to clean your skin.

You can make a fine paste of butter milk, oatmeal and sodium benzoate and combine them properly. This is one of the cleansing creams, which has a shell life of a month. You can also make use of this cream on regular basis every day.

Take a pan or wok and add beeswax and melt. When it starts melt add almond oil, borax powder and also rose water. Combine them all ingredients well and keep it in a fridge after cool down. Keep it in a refrigerator after using it.

This is also one of the most effective cleansing creams. Add rose petals in a hot water and immerse it for about 15 minutes. Now add lemon juice and sodium benzoate and keep it in a bottle and fridge. This cream is very beneficial which helps you to refreshes your skin.

You can also melt beeswax and add un-petroleum jelly and jojoba oil and mix them well to make a smooth paste. Take another bowl and add witch hazel, lemon juice and lemon oil and borax powder and churn them well.  Now add beeswax mixture in it and combine finely and the cream is prepared. This is very effective to clean your skin.

You can also prepare a mixture of glycerine and lemon juice in same amounts and combine them properly before applying it. This recipe is also very effective and beneficial for your skin.

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