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Mantras Use an Ancient Technique To Help Your Modern Life

11 de Outubro de 2019, 5:03 , por Your Health - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Mantras use an ancient technique to help your modern life

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. The asanas help stretch and relax your muscles but meditation helps to relax your mind. Many yoga retreats take mixed yoga sessions involving asanas and meditation. Meditation again involves mantras.

Most of the yoga session begin with enchanting mantra. This is an ancient technique of rejuvenating one's energies and soul. To understand the power of it we first need to know what is a mantra.

Mantra means repetition of a spiritual word or group of word. For example 'Om' or 'Om Namah Shivay', these are two spiritual words usually used while meditating. It is basically a sound and sound can be heard and experienced everywhere in the universe. The sound of lowing water, breeze, etc is a mantra. Even we human beings have a inner sound that is again mantra. This sound has tremendous power and effect on one's life. it is believed that the world came into existence due to reverberation of the sound as 'Om'. This saying of the ancient sages is now being studied and believed by the modern scientists as well. the study of cosmic energy is based on this.

Mantras basically help you to listen to your inner self, pause u=your mind for a moment and finally go into insights. Every day we keep talking positive an negative things. While talking we consume energy, but while reciting mantras we save and produce the energy within our self. Enchanting mantras de- stresses you and helps you to strengthen your focus and concentration power.

The major topic of study in neuroscience is 'Neuroplasticity'. This term means the brain's ability to change its functioning owing to inner signal. The research has found out that practitioners meditating for thousand of hours have successfully altered the functioning and structure of their brains. Similar benefits are expected from mantras. They help you reenergize the brain and build up for the brain cells that are used in your day to day life. It sharpens your thinking process and leads to better functioning of the brain.

Mantra meditation can further reduce stress, blood pressure, fatigue, aches and help getting rid of host of other ailments as well.

After reading article at, you would also like to start practicing mantras and benefit from it. learn how you can begin with it and incorporate it in your life.

Choose a few words you would like to enchant. It may be the name of the God you believe in, something assigned to you by your guru or simply any spiritual word. You can repeat this word continuously throughout the day while you are working, eating, etc. This will also help you to cope up with your busy schedule. Some places where you can enchant it are:

Besides this if you can spare some time from your busy schedule, it would be advisable to practice it every morning. Using a 'mala' a bead necklace made for meditating will help you keep a count on your enchants.

Try it out yourself to feel the power of 'mantras'.

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