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Trailing pick-up on the Schuitemaker Rapide combi loading wagon

13 de Outubro de 2021, 2:52 , por Patricia E. Rodriguez - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Due to the ever shorter time window in which the forage harvest has to be done, the speed of the loading process is of crucial importance, the SVgroup told top agrar. As a result, the demand for machines with larger capacity continues to increase. In addition, of course, the quality of the harvested crop and the maximum preservation of the nutrients in the plants are of great importance.The trailing pick-up is 2.20 m wide and is intended to ensure that the crop is picked up gently and cleanly. It is said that you can easily cope with wide swaths when cornering. The interplay of the individual components of the trailing pick-up, the RapidFlow infeed roller and the power rotor is characteristic of the Rapide loading concept, the company continues. This combination ensures a simple, economical and efficient charging process.In addition, the new pick-up was equipped with pendulum swivel wheels as standard. They ensure optimal adaptation to the ground and clean forage intake by the pick-up. At the same time, they protect the sward, especially when cornering.

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The new pick-up will continue to be folded under the wagon for transport trips. This ensures great ground clearance even in difficult terrain. The Rapide concept is rounded off by the compact and stable construction of the machines, paired with maximum loading volume.Completely and quickly emptying is now easily possible with the patented Schuitemaker Rapid Release System. The grass emptying function at the bottom of the front wall ensures that the entire cargo space is emptied quickly and completely, the Dutch company continues.Autoload, in turn, makes the loading process easier than ever. Even inexperienced drivers could load quickly and easily thanks to the autoload function in combination with the simple operation on the screen. Autoload is controlled by two components, a torque sensor in the drive line and a pressure sensor in the front wall. Because the Schuitemaker Autoload automatically turns the scraper floor backwards, the grass moves backwards exactly in time. The engineers explain that the loading volume is optimally used.The Schuitemaker Rapide is optionally available with its own cover system. This robust cover system, which is optimally positioned, prevents the load from falling off the wagon. This cover system is available for both the Rapide combi loading wagon and the Siwa forage transport wagon.

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