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How 9 Gems Scholarship is Different from Any Other Scholarship?

12 de Janeiro de 2009, 22:00 , por Desconhecido - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

The 9GEMS scholarship framework or program is an award-winning holistic teaching method that enables students to learn and grow along with the changing needs of the world. The scholarship is created to hone students' inherent strengths and mold their personalities to help them become more well-rounded global citizens. 

During this guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about 9 GEMS Scholarships , the 9GEMS Scholarship, and how it differs from other scholarships.

What is the 9GEMS Scholarship?

The 9GEMS Scholarship helps balance academics with extracurricular activities, and the scholarship program is a massive part of the GIIS ecosystem. Every feature, design, and learning space has been developed to support the program's learning style. The 9GEMS Scholarship is internationally recognized among educational best practices for its unique and integrated learning spheres that offer holistic education.

The scholarship framework won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product / Service Award in 2014 from the Institute of Directors. The scholarship is only applicable to the CBSE curriculum for grades 6 to 12, and the scholarship lasts for about one year.

Application criteria for the 9GEMS Scholarship

The Category A scholarship provides 9 percent off on tuition fees for students recognized in an international event in any of 9 GEMS skills. The Category B scholarship offers 6 percent off on tuition fees for students recognized in a national event in any of 9 GEMS skills. The Category C scholarship provides 3 percent off on tuition fees for students recognized in a state event in any of 9 GEMS skills. Applications without the right supporting documents or incomplete documents will not be processed.

Eligibility criteria for the 9GEMS Scholarship

Applicants must be Indian citizens, and only students who have received national, international, or regional recognition can apply. The fields include sports, co-curricular activities like visual and performing arts, community service, innovation, and entrepreneurship, or those who have shown extraordinary leadership skills can apply. Students must deliver their academic performance over the past year and take a scholarship test and interview as well, if applicable.

This scholarship is associated with each GEM in the 9GEMS pedagogy or learning method. Any applications submitted without the proper documents can get rejected.

Scholarship process for the 9GEMS Scholarship

The first step of the scholarship application process is applying — part of submitting the application means including and uploading all prerequisite documents in the application form. Students need to upload the past year of academic records, as well as certificates, awards, and supporting documents in any of the 9GEMS categories, including sports, performing arts, and co-curricular activities.

The second step of the scholarship process is that successful applicants are notified through an email within ten working days. The third step of the scholarship process is scholarship assessment. Then the fourth step is the one on one interview if applicable. The fifth and final step of the scholarship process is scholarship selection and disbursal.

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