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How To troubleshoot “Offline” Network Printer Error?

12 de Janeiro de 2009, 22:00 , por Desconhecido - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

Every once in a while your system printer will state it is offline. The cause of this is when the machine demands maintenance based on its internal counter (like our automobiles popping the Check Engine light), the device sends status to all those computers are attached to it through SNMP. There are a few different answers for this matter.


1). You are able to disable the "SNMP" from the printer driver. This is the suggested course of action for the reason that it requires less than one minute and requires no more specialized ability. This procedure is perfect when a single computer is with an “offline” error.


2). You are able to disable the SNMP of the full printer. This would require entering the printer's web interface and obtaining the printer interface settings to disable SNMP. This procedure is perfect when many customers are having “printer offline” troubles.

We'll handle all of those options:


Choice 1: Disable the SNMP to your printer TCP/IP port. Whether this SNMP is disabled, then the Offline status will change to “Ready status” and you are going to have the ability to keep your printing action.

  • Open your Windows control panel
  • Open the Gear (occasionally called Devices and Printers) menu
  • Right-click about the system printer, click Printer Properties
  • Switch into the Ports tab at the top(in case You Don't see the vents you clicked Properties rather than “Printer Properties”
  • Click Configure Port
  • Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled at the bottom of the window
  • Click OK - The system printer should read Prepared rather than “Offline”

Choice 2: Disable the SNMP from the printer interface. This may be achieved from in the front of the panel to get little network desktop printers, or even via the embedded web interface on bigger multi-function printer/copiers. Consult your printer manual for directions on the best way best to disable SNMP, or contact your servicing seller for your own regulator. Instead, in case you've got a Sharp copier, you may follow the directions below to disable the SNMP via the web GUI.

  • Get the community information for your own printer. This can typically be done by printing a configuration page.
  • Type the IP address to your favorite browser's address bar.
  • Click Network Settings on the left menu.
  • Log in as secretary. The default password is admin
  • Under Network Settings on the left menu, select Services Settings
  • Proceed to the SNMP tab at the Peak of the page
  • Alter the Enabled drop-down to “Disabled”
  • Click Publish

Hopefully, this how-to article locates you until you go mad from this mistake!

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