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Towels for Beach and Swimming Pool

1 de Novembro de 2021, 5:08 , por Towels - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

If you are passionate about swimming, you know how important it is to have a good towel. This applies to both the recreational swimmer who lives on the beach and in the swimming pool, as well as the competitive swimmer. Below we have highlighted a lot of good towels. We have selected these by doing thorough research, where we have, among other things, looked at how popular the products are and how good customer reviews they have received.

Large Beach Towel Gray

This super absorbent and large beach towel are very popular.

This series of very luxurious and powerful towels are made of 100% Egyptian cotton terry. They are super absorbent to use, and they have a completely unique ability to dry. They are available in different colors, and this comes in a beautiful slate gray color.

It is a very simple design with an edge that is characteristic of the damask collection. It gives the towels a simple and timeless elegance that is compatible with modern decor.

Rinse and wash the towel before use, and it will be soft. It only gets better from being used.

The large luxury towel measures 35 x 70 Inches. It is available in several colors. The whites can be washed at 95 degrees, the other colors at 60 degrees. If you want to get some extra soft towels, then it is recommended that you give them a ride in the dryer.

It is tightly woven from 100% Egyptian double-twisted and combed cotton.

Selected specifications

- Dimensions: 35 x 70 Inch
- Color: gray
- Material: 100% Egyptian double-twisted and combed cotton - damask terry
- Wash: at 60 degrees
- Luxury towel

Bamboo towels

The towels are made of bamboo and organic cotton. The cotton adds a unique softness and strength to the towel. In combination with the cotton, the bamboo creates a strong absorbency, which is very practical. The great absorbency occurs as bamboo fibers are designed with small holes, which can thereby absorb much more water.

Selected specifications

Size: 35 x 70 Inch
Color: Gray / White
Material: Cotton and bamboo

Beach towels for a fun day at the beach


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