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Towels with short loops or long loops?

25 de Outubro de 2021, 3:37 , por Towels - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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We usually have different preferences when it comes to towels with short or long loops. We can sometimes like the design a towel with short loops gives as we associate them with nice hotels and luxury spas. In the same way, we can like towels with longer loops if we like to wrap ourselves in the towels after a shower or a bath.

Loops are relatively easy to pull out of the base fabric. With shorter loops, you run less risk of pulling out a loop in the towel, which makes towels look "whole" longer, and less care is required.

If you ever happen to pull a loop, cut the thread rather than continue to pull it. By cutting the thread, you run less risk of ruining the towel, and it will look whole and nice again.

"Fluffier" or "denser" towels

Suppose we imagine an identical towel with a density of 700 g / m² where one towel has short loops and the other long loops. What difference do you experience? Is one fuller than the other?

Our answer is that you feel different kinds of fullness. Both towels consist of the same amount of cotton as the weight is the same.

The towel with long loops will feel fuller in a more airy way, or if you can, use the word "fluffier," which perhaps describes the feeling best. A larger proportion of the cotton is used to give length to the loops, which gives a more airy feeling.

Towels with short loops will feel "denser" as the length of the loops requires less cotton. In this way, the towel will have more loops more closely placed next to each other, and the towel will feel full, but in a different way.

Primarily, the g / m² value, i.e., the weight of the towel, is the most important thing for the towel to be perceived as full and tight, regardless of whether the design is with shorter or longer loops. The G / m² value also affects the weight of the towel, which gives a feeling of luxury and quality.

Why are towel stitches important?

Towel seams are a detail you rarely notice or think about when buying towels. In fact, seams are essential for towel life.

If you want your towel to last a long time, withstand being used and washed, you should look at the seams.

Weaving mills use various machines and techniques to make towels. They also have different conditions for finishing the towel so that it maintains a certain quality that it does not fluff or drop at the edges due to poor seams.

If we focus on the seams, the best tip is to check if the seams are in a straight line and go exactly where they should hold the edges together. If the towel has open or closed corners, you can look at how the seams have been sewn in the corners and whether threads are loose or may need to be cut.

Feel the seams and look at the ends! Does the thread look solid or soft and fragile? How have the ends of the seams been sewn together?

Two seams are better than one. Some towels are made with double seams for increased durability. Even if one seam should drop, the edge will not open.

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