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How airports chase birds off the runway

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around 360."000 flights land and recall off from Singapore's Changi airport each and every yr. 

Yet rarely any individual ever thinks about what it takes to maintain the runways clean.

Birds for one, pose a major problem to most airplanes.

A chook getting sucked into an engine or striking a windscreen might cause a probably fatal accident — and has in the past pressured pilots to make emergency landings or crashes.

In Singapore, the answer lies in the Airside safeguard Rover — a car geared up with a protracted range acoustic machine LRAD, a loudspeaker of varieties it really is designed to broadcast sounds to scare away the birds.

Marcus, a crew member at Changi airport, receives up at 6:30am every morning to force the rover across the runway — and repeats the method in the afternoon.

The LRAD performs around 20 distinctive sounds — from gunshots to predator calls — each and every of which are targeted to scare away certain birds. The sounds are also circled so the birds do not get too used to 1 specific sound. 

here's some of the sounds used warning, or not it's splendid jarring: 

If he encounters larger birds, Marcus receives out of the motor vehicle and manually aspects the LRAD at them to chase them away.

"We encounter everything from mynah birds to white belly sea eagles and different raptors," he says. 

If small birds get sucked into the engine, it would be good enough for the plane, but if its a big fowl they'll hurt the fan blades and the engine could be our leading purpose is to scare away the greater birds as a result of they trigger extra damage."

The big laser pointer

If the sounds become ineffective in scaring the birds away, there's all the time this huge laser pointer. 


The laser pointer is sparkling a lot the final hotel crew participants have in scaring away birds if nothing else works.

it's a green laser beam that shoots out — only green lights work in scaring them, crimson and blue don't," says Marcus."You ought to element it right on the bird's face. it's like a weapon; we can not point it at anybody else because it's very intelligent."


Birds aren't the simplest animals Marcus has to take care of.

"There was a dog incident once, it ran throughout the runway...we haven't any alternative but to put traps for such animals," he explained."Even sea otters come in every so often, however they are endangered so no traps for them. sometimes it seems like a mini zoo."

Sweeping up the runway

nevertheless it's not just birds and animals that maintain crew members at Changi busy.

The widely wide-spread airplane landings and take-offs at Changi mean a big amount of rubber deposits are left on the runway.

These rubber deposits may cut back runway friction and thereby trigger an unsteady landing.

Enter the rubber removing machine, which activities two 'wheels' in its entrance that blast pressurised jets of water onto the runway's surface to dislodge rubber deposits.

The loosened rubber deposits are later sucked as much as the waste tank of the Rubber elimination computing device. 

and naturally —after the rubber deposits have been swept off the runway, that leaves just about every thing else, truly.

The aptly-named Runway Sweeper works like a vacuum cleaner to suck up grime, filth and everything else in-between. 

It also has a magnetic bar mounted horizontally that's able to choose up and take away metallic objects from the runway. 

The Friction Tester

And the remaining aspect each and every runway needs earlier than a aircraft is able to land on it? A friction tester.

notwithstanding it seems like a regular motor vehicle, the friction tester has an in-developed water tank that allows for it to practice a skinny movie of water onto the floor of the runway.

The water is utilized in entrance of a measuring wheel, which then exams the friction on the runway's floor, which is standard for a safe landing or seize-off 

So the subsequent time you might be sitting onboard a aircraft, simply bear in mind the various people and machines that go into retaining your journey secure.


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