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Easy Online Games For Toddlers

junio 17, 2021 7:02 , por Kelly Los - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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Is your toddler making your Work-from-home routine unbearable? Mine too! Love for kids is one thing, and having a kid clinging to your neck-shoulder-legs (and, repeat!) 24/7 is a whole other story. Pandemic has brought the relief of not having to dress up and running with the clock. But, nothing in the world comes quite free. This luxury also has a drawback. It's not like you are eating, sleeping and working peacefully at your home. If you have a kid, you must have already read between the lines. There has to be a valid reason why 'free online games for toddlers' have been searched on Google for more than 30,000 times in a month. For having a work-life balance amidst the lockdown period, one has to find something for the toddler to be busy with as well. Researching for weeks, I have curated the perfect list of games to keep your toddler busy. 

 Click speed test origin

  • Clicks Test 

 Kids love to imitate adults. If they see you working on a PC/laptop, they would want to do the same. The result is your toddler sitting right on the table, clicking your keyboard when you are in the middle of a zoom call. Relatable? Why not give them their own keyboard and mouse to click? Open ClicksTest on your browser, hand a mouse to your kid and let them click as much as they want. You might as well give them the challenge to beat your score. It's not only a rescue technique for you but also a great way to strengthen your kid's clicking speed. Let's face it, they are going to need an amazing clicking speed to match with the high-end future they are moving into. 


  • Balls and Boxes

The next on our list of easy free online games for toddlers is Balls And Boxes. It teaches your kid what you have always wanted them to learn- concentration and coordination. It's a simple game where some balls jump out of boxes. Your kid has to put the balls back into their respective boxes. Sit with them for a few games, and they'll catch up. Kids anyways have a faster learning ability than adults. 


  • Counting Pizza Party 

The game is as yum as the pizza your mind is picturing right now. Your tiny-tot has to choose from the topping options for the pizza as per the customers' demand. It enhances their understanding proficiency. Isn't that amazing? Counting Pizza Party is yet another great pick from the list of easy free online games for toddlers and kids. 


Final Words 


If we go on, the list for free easy games for toddlers to play online is never going to end. There were already plenty of online games for the kids, the pandemic simply tagged another reason to bring in more of them. Try all of these games and let me know which ones keep your kid busy. 

Let's get back to work, and let the kids play. 





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