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Step By Step Guide to Develop a Successful iOS App Development

20 de Agosto de 2021, 8:40 , por Taylor Smith - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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With the widespread adoption of smartphones, 53.5% of the world's web traffic is coming from mobile. Mobile applications have become common for reaching and communicating with customers as well as offering services and products.  

One question that comes to mind when developing a mobile app is, on which platform we should build the mobile application. Currently, Android and iOS are two major operating systems that hold 99% of the global market. Considering the US statistics, iOS comprises 59% of the mobile operating system market share while Android accounts for 41%. 

With increasing popularity, comes the competition. The Apple App Store has around 2 million apps available to download. So, the mandate question is - how will you stand out in the competition?  

To scale a business, it is essential to know the fundamentals of the iOS app development process. In this guide, we will help you find how you can develop an intuitive iOS application along with the help of expert iOS App Development Company.

 Guidelines to Develop an Successful iOS App

  • Plan & Sketch Your iOS App Idea 

Ideation is the foremost step of the iOS app development process. You need to write down a well-detailed app project requirements document. In this document, you can include idea description, identify priority features, monetization model, etc. If the document is prepared right, it can save a lot of time and confusion. 

  • Create Wireframes  

Experienced iOS app developers start with wireframes. Wireframes are the app skeletal frameworks for any application that plays a significant role in app development. In this, you can get a detailed view of how the product will function or how its features will work. It allows you to test the functionality of the app efficiently. 

  • UI/UX Designing  

In this phase, the design team comes up with the user interface and user experience. The iOS app designers take care of every minute detail, including looks, feel, and navigation. In addition, they focus on iOS brand so that the app is easily pushed to live at the time of deployment. 

  • Front-End & Back-End Development  

The front-end works on codes to create different design elements for the app, whereas the back-end refers to the server part. In the front-end, the developers will determine caching of the database, synchronization of the database, and UI design & development. Back-end app development includes setting up back-end structure, management of user accounts and authentication, and maintenance of server-side functions. 

  • Testing  

One of the most crucial steps of the mobile app development process. The quality analyst team performs multiple types of testing to ensure that there are no bugs and the app work seamlessly on every device. It includes smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, and more.   

How Much iOS App Development Costs?

How much does it cost to build an iOS app? - is one of the most triggered questions when it comes to mobile app development. The cost of developing an iOS app depends on various factors, like features, UI/UX complexity, type of app, technology stack, scalability plans, and much more.  

According to Clutch, the average cost of iOS app development services in US and UK companies is around $50K to $100K. However, you can find affordable iOS app developers in India that can work for $20 to $25 per hour.  

Some reliable app development companies also offer an accurate app cost calculator tool that gives you quick estimates within minutes. The calculator consists of various questions, and you need to answer them based on your app requirements. 


From the first step to the deployment of the app in the Apple Store, it's a long road ahead, but planning every step can strengthen your brand visibility and boost your customer engagement rates. Many mobile app development companies are offering you reliable iPhone app development services , all you need to choose the best.  

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