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Building Knowledge for the Fair Trade Movement

24 de Novembro de 2014, 19:24 , por Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária (Economia Solidária no mundo) - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Fairness UK mirrors the continental Fairness Network in its aim to bring together UK academics working on subjects associated with the theme of Fair Trade and Alternative Trade. When this community takes off, we hope that we will link more closely with those on the European continent for even great coordination, information sharing and community building.

If you are either an academic or practitioner working in this area and want to be part of the Fariness Network, please first read the instructions about how to sign up to FairnessUK.doc, and then click on the sign up option on the right hand side of this page.

Joining up will allow:

Each member to build a profile outlining their experience, expertise and interests in the theme of Fair Trade. Profiles are searchable by other members for the purposes of community building

Members to advertise events, conferences and calls for papers that might be of relevance to other members

Members to take part in discussions on a chosen theme

Members to form their own group around a discussion or research theme

Members to contribute to a blog output on the theme of Fair Trade

Members to chat live on-line with others who are logged into the site


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