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The subtle field and political action? opening new horizons in Brazil and the world

17 de Dezembro de 2018, 20:05 , por Débora Nunes - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Hare om tat satThe results of the Brazilian elections led to relevant, in-depth analyses of the political history and the future of the country. But the question "why was rationality thrown to the wind exposing us to the direst consequences?” keeps dogging us without a clear answer. Analysing the influence of the subtle field can help us understand how this came about and what awaits us, since much of what happened cannot be accounted for by the prevailing rationality. The quantum-holistic-systemic-ecological paradigm recognizes the immaterial dimension of the world as a new field of knowledge. When the material dimension has been dissected in the light of the Cartesian paradigm – as well as historical and dialectical materialism, which is part of it – and so many questions remain unanswered, it is time to dig further.

Current rationality is based on an ability to construe events through numbers, comparisons, hierarchical relationships between concepts and data, and the necessary "material proof". This is not sufficient, however, to help us interpret reality, for the latter also comprises subtle phenomena whose understanding requires a different order of rationality. One way of interpreting these phenomena is by calling on the notion of "morphogenetic fields" proposed by Rupert Sheldrake, an English biologist who views them as a universal field formed by actions, thoughts and feelings throughout individual and collective history. To understand this field we need to consider the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement", in which electrons, photons and even molecules remain interconnected independently of space-time and behave in a interconnected way. Another important notion of the new paradigm is the "quantum leap" phenomenon, when a discontinuous and unexpected change of state occurs when certain conditions are met.

These and other notions of the quantum-holistic worldview will help us complement and shore up our observations, deductions and generalizations about reality. The explanatory model of "family constellations" will be used to understand what happened in Brazil in these elections, and although there are many other ways of approaching the subtle field, this model seems particularly effective in inspiring the necessary action in the energetic field. This action, with its new content, will be presented below. It complements the humanist, ecological and emancipatory political action that is already well known, the "activism" that the Brazilian extreme right is trying to smother – to no avail. Activism translates into many forms of popular education that stimulate critical thinking, into citizen organization within people’s movements, unions, NGOs and political parties, into an integrated progressive network of groups, into concrete civil society action in the areas of social justice, ecology and the rich world of solidarity economy, ecovillages, etc. Other kinds of activism include actions in Parliament, protests in the street and on social networks. Combining these actions with those that involve the subtle dimension will be vital to get Brazil out of its predicament.

Bert Hellinger, the initiator of the family constellations therapy, argues that human behaviour is related to the existence of something akin to a "universal soul," or morphogenetic field that feeds on our stories, is activated and eventually ”sticks” when repeated often enough. He posits that our emotions and our conflicts are related to ancestral loyalties and also that old, unhealed negative emotions can be experienced again by people in a family, group, or nation. Hellinger lived in South Africa and learned from shamans how to relate to ancestors and to the web of relationships that unites us beyond space-time, as taught by the quantum paradigm.  In his method, he developed the original insight of Virginia Satir, who organized healing groups in which strangers interpreted characters from the tragedy experienced by a member of the group and felt as if they were the people represented, even mimicking their gestures or using the same vocabulary.

In family constellation healing sessions, people reach the "universal soul" or the "akashic registers", where everything is "written", thus allowing a person to feel what the other feels when connecting with him/her. The people represented will also experience the effects of the healing session, as if they were quantum related with the person interpreting. When the conflict is properly represented, they may feel different even without being aware of the group’s work, sensing, for example, that they have been listened to, understood and forgiven. This method is widely used in Brazil and in the world, with great psychotherapeutic success, including as a cure for ancestral conflicts manifesting themselves in people's lives today.

But what do the subtle relationships among humans have to do with the Brazilian elections? Brazilian history is rife with painful memories of oppression for millions of our indigenous ancestors, slaves, quilombolas, but also women, poor people, gays and many others. Brazil is plagued with outrageous inequality, racism and prejudice and has experienced two dictatorships whose crimes - torture, deaths and disappearances – have not been properly identified and punished. Added to this are all the ills suffered today by young blacks from the suburbs, prisoners, and humiliated people from all walks of life. This suppressed pain and anger has not been overcome, creating a "field" that is still in need of healing and redemption. All this is stuck in Brazil’s throat. It is obvious that this past pervades our culture as well as our "souls" and these pains keep smouldering in us unconsciously, leading to behaviours of either compassion or hatred. Unless we do our healing and forgiveness work, these energies will always be latent, ready to make a "quantum leap" when triggered by violent external situations.

I believe that what happened in Brazil, in addition to all that was described in fairly accurate, realistic and pertinent analyses, was completed by a powerful movement in the subtle field. For reasons linked to what many call the change of era we are currently going through - such as the beginning of the age of Aquarius, the end of the Kali-Yuga, the end of the world in the Maya calendar, the collective activation of the heart chakra –, there is a great movement of light and shadow in the subtle field. Some people are more connected with the field of light, others with the field of shadow, and this has to do with the alignment of their body, mind and heart and subsequent self-worth. This occurs when we are more in line with what the "greater purpose" wants for us: the joy of exercising our talents for the sake of our love for one another, for ourselves, and for the progress of all.

Let us move on to the dark energy movement. This heritage in the Brazilian morphogenetic field was activated in the elections by the intense manipulation by social networks of hatred among the most easily influenced. These people were identified through their posts on social networks by artificial intelligence algorithms. As they were numbed by the subtle negative field their hatred could be countered neither by our rational arguments nor by objective data. The #elenão street demonstrations - the wonderful women’s movement, rooted in yin, which represents luminous healing, balancing

the yin and yang cosmic energies - also gave rise to fear, activating the decompensated male’s (yang’s) field of domination, which still rules the world. In the face of fear, the desire to control the libertarian choice of others and the desire for protection by a "saviour of the fatherland" paved the way for the far right. In other words, the reptilian and limbic brain drives hate while the rationality of the neocortex fails; thus arguments only hit home in discussions with people more connected with themselves, with their hearts, who responded positively when moving away from hatred, which is the most visible face of dark energies.

The "dark" movement occurred in the subtle field of the most fragile people, but such phenomena can also be positive, which happened in Brazil too. Fuelled by acts of generosity, feelings and thoughts of love in Brazil’s ancestral history and by the spiritual alignment of many Brazilians today, the new era movement based on horizontality and togetherness has been activated. Respectful conversations with family members, meditations and prayers for Haddad's victory, mutual recognition of shared humanist and ecological values as well as forgiveness sessions created a vertiginous movement of positive energies in the streets of Brazil to prevent regression. Millions of us spoke up, triggering the turn-of-the-vote phenomenon. Even though we had no material direction there probably was a loving direction in the subtle field, with a distinct sense of each person’s responsibility for the destiny of all - the quantum web of life.  There was not enough time but the possibility for a renewal of politics by these new citizen movements remains in our hands. Knowing how to activate them will be fundamental to get over these difficult times more speedily.

Another element needs to be added to future explorations - another perception in the subtle field that operates across the world and that is related to Gustav Jung's idea of the collective unconscious. It is a kind of subtle knowledge, independent of local culture, that moves like air, without borders, helping to interpret the world from what Jung calls "archetypes". Among these archetypes is the idea that the sky is high up and bright and that hell is below and dark or that life came from mud (or clay, in the Christian acceptation), common to most cultures. It is likely that a new archetype is arising right now, related to the environmental, financial and political collapse of our civilization because of today’s worsening systemic crisis. Though people are increasingly informed they deny the possibility of systemic collapse, refusing to talk about it and pretending that nothing is happening. But the collective unconscious is informed and susceptible to primordial fear and a desire for survival. Fear always leads to the desire for protection and domination. This reinforces everything that has been said about Brazil and also has a planetary dimension.

The way out of the manipulation of minds and of subtle energies by the far right forces that manipulate fear and hatred is already emerging in Brazil. Committed citizens across the world are alert, knowing that every country is threatened by the same weapons that were used in Trump’s United States and in Brexit UK. A lot of us realize that our insufficient electoral turnout shows the way forward. We strengthened democracy with our awareness of the impending danger, our joyful togetherness on the streets and the sense of individual responsibility for the fate of all which took over Brazil.

Something new happened too : never in a Brazilian election was there so much activity in the subtle field; never have there been so many individual and collective meditations, so many emanations of light towards our people and our land from all over the world; never have there been so many active visualizations of the reality to be co-created in the subtle field so that it will manifest itself in the material field - such as the image of the candidate wearing the presidential sash or his inauguration.  Fernando Haddad was a worthy representative of positive energies, which always manifest themselves in a friendly, peaceful and joyous way. He and us were moved by the courage to be responsible for our destiny, by the conviction that only love can overcome hatred; we did all that was in our power both in the material world and in the subtle world. The growing recognition of the existence of this other side of reality will boost our humanist, ecological and libertarian forces, leading to a complementary form of political action.

Translation reviewed and edited by Simone Kunegel



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